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Experience the synergy of design, durability, and distinction with Domali Global. As a leading packaging producer with a global presence, we specialize in creating custom, high-quality packaging solutions that cater to your diverse needs.

Our commitment to quality and sustainability, combined with cost-effective operations, ensures our solutions are both outstanding and accessible.

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Why Domali Global?

Global Footprint, Local Expertise

By cutting out middle men, we provide high-quality packaging solutions at affordable prices. Benefit from direct communication, expertise, and no added costs or hassles. Streamline your packaging process today.

Tariff-Free Solutions

Benefit from our strategic manufacturing facilities in Vietnam, which allow us to sidestep the 25% import tariff typically applied to goods from China. This ensures competitive pricing and smooth, uninterrupted delivery of our superior packaging solutions.


Our commitment to on-time delivery means that you can rely on us to meet your packaging needs, without delays or interruptions. Trust us to deliver your packaging solutions with precision and reliability.

Quality & Innovation

Equipped with cutting-edge machinery and technology, our manufacturing facilities ensure efficient and high-capacity production. We adhere to stringent quality control measures to deliver packaging solutions that meet international standards.

Committed to Sustainability

We understand the importance of competitive pricing in today's market. That's why we offer customized packaging solutions at affordable rates, without compromising on quality or service. Partner with us for cost-effective packaging solutions.

Personalized Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our personalized customer service. Our dedicated team is committed to understanding your unique needs, ensuring a seamless and supportive experience throughout your packaging journey.

Committed to a sustainable future

As advocates for environmental responsibility, we prioritize sustainable practices. Our company actively explores eco-friendly materials, recyclable options, and implements waste reduction strategies to minimize the environmental impact of our packaging solutions.

Rigid Box Partners for the World's Largest Companies

We're a global team with worldwide reach

With a well-established global supply chain network, we efficiently manage the production, logistics, and distribution of packaging solutions across borders. We ensure timely delivery, cost-effectiveness, and seamless coordination to support our clients' international operations.

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